Partnering with the eBeam Center

We look forward to partnering with scientists and engineers from academia, industry and the government to promote eBeam and X-ray technologies around the world.  These partnerships can range all the way from highly defined short-term studies to multi-year research projects. The Center regularly with different groups in the development of joint research proposals for submission to international, federal, state and private funding sources.
In addition to partnering with the eBeam Center on research projects, we routinely partner with private industry in providing commercial-scale eBeam and x-ray pasteurization and sterilization services.  We can provide small volume irradiation services to large scale irradiation services.

Protection of Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

The National Center for Electron Beam Research works very closely with our research and commercial partners in protecting Intellectual Property and Confidentiality. The Center works under Non-Disclosure Agreements that is developed early in the collaboration. The Center partners with the Grants and Contracts and the university system’s Office of Technology Commercialization in developing and finalizing the non-disclosure agreements.

Technology Commercialization

There is a strong push in commercializing products and processes that involve E-Beam and X-ray technologies. To this end, the E-Beam Center works closely with the Office of Technology Commercialization

How to partner with the eBeam Center

Please contact the Director of the eBeam Center, Dr. Suresh Pillai at 979-458-3229 or the eBeam facility Manager Mr. Mickey Speakmon to discuss partnering with the eBeam Center.


Become a Partner

If you would like to partner with us, fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you.