Just Beam It!

High energy electron beams (eBeam) generated using commercial electricity can dramatically improve the quality of life for Americans and the rest of the world.   This is a platform technology that can significantly improve food safety, enhance the quality of therapeutics such as vaccines, ensure the phytosanitary quality of imported fruits and vegetables, eliminate environmental pollution by decontaminating municipal and industrial wastes, improve the durability and quality of medical implants, and improve biofuel and petroleum production efficiencies. The National Center for Electron Beam Research at Texas A&M University is the world leader in accelerating the commercial exploitation of this technology. With over a decade of experience in synergizing trans-disciplinary research and finding novel eBeam applications and empowering commercial adoption of this technology, the Center is now poised to make transformative impacts on One-Health using eBeam as a platform technology.  Using the one-of-a-kind eBeam instrumentation and product processing capabilities at the National Center for Electron Beam Research as a core facility, this One-Health project team will synergize the university system’s trans disciplinary research expertise to make transformative impacts on

  •  Eradicating water borne, food borne, and feed borne infectious diseases in humans, livestock, and companion animals by developing novel vaccines and other therapeutics
  •  Ensuring global food supplies by novel packaging and processing methods
  •  Transforming food, feed, and water quality by novel processing, packaging, and treatment strategies
  •  Profitable and sustainable commercialization of eBeam-based technologies by creative partnering with entrepreneurs, technology providers, global regulatory bodies, and international financing institutions.