Mark your calendars!!

The National Center for Electron Beam Research is organizing the 10th Hands-on Workshop in eBeam Technologies April 15-19th, 2019 on the Texas A&M University campus in College Station.  

For the convenience of the attendees, the workshop is divided into 2 sessions. Session 1 (April 15th, 1 PM - April 17th 12 noon) will focus on the use of eBeam technology in the medical device, pharmaceutical industries, and environmental industries while Session 2 (April 17th, 1 PM - April 19th, noon) will focus on the use of the eBeam technology for food, pet food and phytosanitary applications. The workshop is unique in that attendees are encouraged to bring products or items from their own business (medical device/pet food/food/fresh produce) so that they could be included in the hands-on exercises. Here in Aggieland we call such a workshop, a BYOP (Bring Your Own Product) workshop! The focus of the hands-on exercises will be to provide one of a kind in-depth hands on experience in performing eBeam dosing experiments, dose-mapping experiments and if need be, eBeam dose tolerance exposures. You may attend either Session 1 or Session 2 or both. This workshop has spurred the creation of multi million dollar eBeam-based businesses in the US and overseas. Join us at this event and be a part of this extraordinary technology!

The registration fee will cover all workshop materials, lunches, dinners, coffee breaks and a formal workshop dinner. Hotel costs will be the responsibility of the attendees. Please create an account on the Hotel Engine website. You will get the best State of Texas discounted hotel room rates by using the Hotel Engine portal (below)


Workshop Registration Website: 2019 eBeam Workshop @ Texas A&M University Registration

Hotel Reservation Website: 2019 eBeam Workshop Hotel Reservation Portal

Who Should Attend:

  • Professionals in the medical device, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, aerospace, defense, fresh produce, processed food, pet-food, ingredients, and spice industries who have to deal with microbial contamination, microbial pathogens, biofilm proliferation, microbial spoilage and phytosanitary requirements.

  • Professionals who have to have sustainable sterilization, pasteurization and disinfection requirements

  • Fresh produce exporters & importers who are interested in a chemical free, phytosanitary treatment technology

  • Electron beam technology developers to understand the growing commercial interest in eBeam technology

  • Investment bankers and entrepreneurs interested in commercializing electron beam technology in the food, pet food, cosmetic, environmental remediation, plastics , polymers, and biomedical industries

  • Federal and state environmental clean-up managers and environmental consulting companies who have to deal with chemical and biological pollutants

  • Federal and state regulators who need to understand electron beam irradiation technology

Workshop Objectives

  • Offer unique opportunity to learn about eBeam technology at a commercial scale facility

  • Facilitate deep understanding of electron beam technology and how to exploit this technology for commercial applications

  • Provide attendees with information about the core eBeam technology equipment needed for commercial applications

  • Provide hands-on training in dosimetry, dose-mapping, and single and double beam configurations

  • Facilitate unparalleled interaction with leading eBeam technology equipment providers and sub-system suppliers

  • Provide attendees with actionable information to adopt eBeam technology in different target industries

  • Provide eBeam technology providers critical information to meet the commercial requirements for this technology